The Luxembourg Projects

Identification of initial pilot projects

The first part of the summit took place on Wednesday 2nd May and gathered 60 national and international experts. The day started with a presentation from Dr. Alex Jadad, the international convener of the Maimonides Project, a global initiative that brings together the best brains, knowledge and tools on the planet within local environments, and aims to develop new and more effective approaches to establish a healthy lifestyle. Then, three countries, which are part of the Maimonides initiative presented innovative projects that are already being implemented in their respective health care system. Rafael Bengoa, Minister of Health and Consumer Affairs of the Basque Country, Spain, described how his region is developing innovative ways to deal with chronic disease. Dr. Harvey Skinner talked about how Canada is introducing a program to prevent diabetes through mobile solutions that promote behaviour change. Dr. Scott Murray presented innovative programs in Scotland to improve end-of-life care.

Following these presentations, participants split into five thematic groups (health services, personalized health, active lifestyle for health, diet and stress management, healthy and ageing population) to identify pilot projects that could rapidly lead to significant improvements in health care services and health in Luxembourg.

Presentation of a selection of innovative pilot projects to the public

On Thursday 3rd May, a selection of innovative pilot projects was presented to 200 people who participated in the public component of the Summit.

After welcome remarks by Patrizia Luchetta and Minister Di Bartolomeo, and three presentations by leading innovators participating in the Maimonides Project, the group facilitators shared with the audience ideas for six flagship projects:

Portal for secondary prevention (Healthcare services)
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Personalized and proactive optimization of the tolerance and efficacy of anti-cancer treatments (Personalized health)
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Individualized management of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (Personalized health)
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Fostering motor skills and physical activity from early childhood (Active lifestyle for health)
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Multi-disciplinary therapeutic patient education for chronic disease management (Diet and stress management)
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Case management for life-threatening conditions (Healthy and ageing population)
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The Personalized Medicine Consortium (PMC) of Luxembourg and the Ministry of Health work very closely with the project advocates and have already moved on to the next step, which aims at creating working groups, defining strategies, developing detailed plans, and identifying fund resources . The PMC will continue to support the project teams and to facilitate access to the best advice by working with the Maimonides network to find those individuals in other countries best able to share their knowledge and experience.