The Ministry of Health and the Personalized Medicine Consortium (PMC) of Luxembourg organized on 2nd and 3rd May 2012 the LUXEMBOURG HEALTH SUMMIT – Making Luxembourg the healthiest country on earth, one person at a time – an event that took place at the Chamber of Commerce in Luxembourg in the presence of Mars Di Bartolomeo, Luxembourg’s Minister of Health, and Rafael Bengoa, Minister of Health and Consumer Affairs of the Basque Country, Spain.

A new vision for Luxembourg

Luxembourg can become the first nation in the world in which every person has an opportunity to avoid preventable diseases, to access effective diagnostic and therapeutic care for curable diseases, and to adapt and self-manage when faced with unavoidable sources of suffering.

Luxembourg can achieve this goal by bringing together leading local, national and international organizations to evaluate, plan and implement sustainable business models for innovations that make Luxembourg the healthiest country in the world.

An inclusive approach

The Luxembourg Health Summit was designed to lay the foundations for launching a national initiative that could facilitate dialogue across all groups of relevant stakeholders to introduce innovations that promote optimal levels of health in Luxembourg.

The Summit was organized as a two-day event with two components:

Consensus Roadmap Conference (Day 1): A group of up to 60 opinion leaders gathered to identify new bold collaborative projects designed to transform the health system

Public Presentation (Day 2): The main insights from the Consensus Conference was then presented to up to 200 members of the public, to promote awareness, obtain input and promote participation in the identified projects

Local thinking, global input

The summit is affiliated with The Maimonides Project, a global initiative that unites the best minds, knowledge and tools from around the globe into local settings to design new approaches to healthy living.

With the participation of

Mars Di Bartolomeo, Minister of Health, Luxembourg
Rafael Bengoa, Minister of Health and Consumer Affairs, Basque Country, Spain

Attendees of the Summit learned about

Successful initiatives that are already improving the population’s health and accelerating the transformation of health systems in other regions of the world

Innovative initiatives that are currently enabling individuals or communities to adapt and self-manage their lives in the face of physical, mental or social challenges

Proposed new bold pilot projects identified by key opinion leaders and designed to get Luxembourg on the road to become the healthiest country on earth, one person at a time